Hanging the Curveball
"You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball,   
and in the end it turns out that it was the other way
around all the  time."                               Jim Bouton
Praise for   Hanging the Curveball
(An Oklahoman's Love Affair with Baseball)

In Ron Wallace’s poems, the love of the game catches fire and flares into
energetic, heartfelt poetry. Avoiding the usual clichés and well-worn
metaphors, Wallace offers a Whitmanesque celebration of the physicality of
the game, a vivid emphasis on the texture of the sport that reveals the souls
of those who love it. Here are Wallace classics like “Learning to Speak
Choctaw” alongside new poems on a great American subject. Read this book
in the spring. Read it under stadium lights on a long summer evening. Read it
again when October comes.

                                                                                               Benjamin Myers
                                                                             Author of –
Elegy for Trains
                                                                2011 Oklahoma Book Award Winner
For those who harbor a yearning for horsehide, Ron Wallace has written a
collection of poems in which the Boys of Summer, by virtue of their diamond
experience, have indeed become men. In “Hanging the Curveball”, Wallace’
s family and childhood friends share pages with Mantle, Murcer, Munson,
and other Yankee greats, as Ron interweaves homages to his heroes both
on and off the ball field. Ron has gone beneath the familiar, superficial
layers of line drives and stolen bases, and stolen the reader’s heart with
poignant depictions of an Oklahoman’s fervor for the New York Yankees,
the sandlots where he and his buddies played in their youth, as well as the
human emotion found in a sport where the trappings often overshadow the
soul of America’s national pastime. Prepare yourself for a singular
experience with double the impact of a grand slam, as you lean in to catch
the sign given by this truly gifted, award-winning poet.

Weiss – author of
 Stages - A Poetic Journey
When looking for a book on poetry about the Great American Pastime, I can't
think of a better poet than Ron Wallace to attend to the honors. Ron has
already mastered the poetic landscape of his native Oklahoma, and now his
reverent approach to baseball (and, specifically, his beloved N.Y. Yankees)
hearkens one back to a simpler time, when the dirt beneath your fingernails
in the morning was replaced by the dirt in your spikes in the afternoon and
evening. This collection is an homage to the heart of the American pastime,
the art of the game, and the part of it that still lives within us all. Batter up!

                                                         David Nelson Bradsher – author of
The Vampire Sonnets
Ron Wallace is an Oklahoma treasure.  If there are two words that define
him, they are “Oklahoma” and “baseball”.  In Hanging the Curveball, his 5th
volume of poetry, he combines the two in a remarkable fashion that is must
reading for every baseball fan!

                                                           K.B. (Kim) McGee – author of
 Small Town Grocery
                                                            Infinity Publishing
Ron Wallace places not a jar, but a baseball field in the middle of Oklahoma,
where it becomes “the one constant” amid the shifting seasons, wild horses
and unpredictable sky. Wallace’s poetry is vernacular, to be sure, but it
keeps company with “Dickey, Jeffers, Komunyakaa and Howard Starks”
whose influences inflect the poet’s voice with gruff yet lyrical honesty and a
clarity seldom seen in contemporary poetry.

                                                           Jeanetta Calhoun Mish
                                  Author of - Work Is Love Made Visible
                                  2010 Western Heritage Award winner
                                  2010 Oklahoma Book Award winner
Ron Wallace's newest work, Hanging the Curveball, is honest and
Oklahoman to the core. “Eastside Boys” is a particular favorite. This tribute
to baseball and our native state is a must read.
                                                         Dustin Roberts (R)
                                                         Oklahoma House of Representatives
Every once and a while a book comes along that deeply connects us to an era gone by.  A time that was
less noisy, less pretentious and more connected to family, true passion and the heart and soul of just
living life.  Ron Wallace does just this with his book of poems
Hanging the Curveball.  

Poems are lost treasures that have been pushed aside by the ever increasing “how to” manuscripts,
quick fixes and magical thinking books that currently dominate bookstore shelves, but  in each and
every poem, Ron cracks open our hearts and allows us to peer into his world filled with compassion,
love, sorrow, joy and grief.  He connects us all through the stories of the great game of baseball, the
loving spirited people of Oklahoma and the passion that drives us all toward living fully.

                                                                                                            DeDe  Murcer Moffett - Author of
 Wisdom Wedgies & Life’s Little Zingers
If you love baseball or poetry or one of the two this is required reading at
every step.  You will revisit America at its plain ole best.  Baseball…Yeah!

                                                          Jim Spurr
 Hail Mary, on Two
                                                          Finalist 2012 Oklahoma Book Award